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Warm Glass / Fused Glass projects, schedules and pictures, experiments, learnings and fun from my worktable to yours. Its a learning curve :) For questions, comments and requests, email

Zebra Lamp shade

Nice hang of the zebra skin withe the chrome finish fixture.

Any color walls, living spaces, bedrooms, intimate hang-outs, the black and white animal print really pops...

Lamp Shades

Hang it on the wall or from the ceiling.
Ready with the fixture, the concavity perfect on the screw.

Perfect on white, silver, grey walls, rooms with steel/chrome/aluminum finishes or crystal decor.


Leaf inclusion

the CO2 from the leaf made a huge fragile bubble trapped in glass in the shape of the original leaf...and the burnt remnants formed a metal sheen and stuck to one of the irid layers.

Diamond Basket Lamp-shade

Zebra Lamp-shade

Throne Bowl


Fusing with Organic Inclusions


Whole Plant inclusion with 2 iridescent pieces, irid sides facing. Look at the light silver ghost of the plant. (Schedule to follow)

Captain Morgan

Coasters (with fire paper inclusion)

Sushi Plates

Schedule to follow soon...


Made in a front loading Paragon GL-24 Kiln, 2 shelves


1. Heat @ 300F/ hr to 1220 F
2. Hold @ 1220F for 15 min
3. Cool AFAP to 960F
4. Hold @ 960F for 60 min
5. Cool @ 100F/ hr to 700 F
6. Hold @ 700F for 1 min

Shut off.


Deep forest...
Needs slumped into a tray

Tack fused

Spider Fruit Bowl... needs slumping
(left-inside; right-outside)
Tack Fused

Stripes --needs slumping into a tray/sushi plate
Tack Fused

Sword-fish... he wants it as is, I?
Slumped into a big salad plate

got some white powdery things on the glass... but it doesnt look bad because the blue is beautifully sharp with a thin black border adn the white spreads after that

Zebra... Needs slumped into a bowl

Lilac Plates : Need slumping. The lilac (which turned blue) with clear and dichroic glass.
Full fuse

Torque- Needs slumped into a dinner plate
(3 layers, clear, red transparent, black opaque and black-clear-transparent--full fused)

Basket 45-- needs slumped into bowl
(tack fused)

Flat earth--needs slumped into bowl
(full fused)

Tiles & Coasters: Using scrap and project left-overs # 2

For Schedules: see 'fusing' post.Made in a
Paragon GL-24 Kiln.
Corning Museum of Glass,
August 8-9, 2009

(C) Kolika Chatterjee 2009
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